Zebra FX7500

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FX7500 supports tag data communication over wired or wireless networks as well as Ethernet and USB Client ports. It can also connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks via USB host port with select third party adaptors. In addition, the FX7500 supports defense grade security with FIPS 140 Level 1, Transport Layer Security and IPv6/IPSec protocol support. The FX7500 helps protect users' RFID investment and achieve a lower total cost of ownership, allowing deployment of an RFID solution without delays.

Antenna Connections
FX 7500-2: 2 mono-static ports (Reverse Polarity TNC)
FX 7500-4: 4 mono-static ports (Reverse Polarity TNC)

Read Rate
1200+ Tags/s

Frequency Range
US 865-868 MHz & 902-928 MHz

1 year

Transportation & Logistics