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Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

RG’s POSPlus system is all about offering your point-of-sale business with cloud-based platform.  The system is designed with features that manages task from sales, inventory, loyalty programs, marketing programs integration to analytics reporting.  It allows your employees to carry out their day-to-day task productively and efficiently. POSPlus on cloud enables your business to manage a wide range of applications in a highly secure environment.

Endless Possibilities With RG POSPlus System On Cloud

POS system

POS System That Scales With Your Business

As business expand, you will need to ensure that it is well organised and maintain fluid communication within different stores. Stay productive with adaptive POS system that allows you to manage several locations anywhere and access anytime through cloud-based POS.

smarter business planning

Make Smarter Business Planning And Decisions

Leverage on the real-time data available and turn it into instant actions.  With our cloud solution, you can track sales, inventory level, top performing products and employee performance all in one solution.

improving customer experience

Improving Customer Experience

Customers are more demanding and have higher expectation than before.  Providing a good customer experience leads to better customer satisfaction. Enable your customers with breakdown of the orders, provides them with scan-to-order or self-order kiosk for easy, fast and seamless purchase experience.

fast secure payment

Fast And Secured Payment Channel

Easy-to-use and intuitive POS system workflows design ensure increase in employee efficiency in completing a transaction as well as reducing waiting time for customers.  For fast and safety protection, we also offer secured contactless payment.



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