Invest In Sales Force Automation System

Invest In Sales Force Automation System

A sales force automation system is a software that automates and streamlines a business’ sales process, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. Designed for ease-of-use and convenience, our sales force automation system is a system that enables you to manage the entire sales force from pre-sales to post-sales. You would be able to know the location and activity of your sales personnel while empowering them with accurate information and data so that they can seal the deal. Business is always about sales and revenue. The more leads you gather, the more sales you acquire, the bigger the revenue for the business. It is essential to manage your sales force effectively, which is where our sales force automation system comes in. Our sales force automation system helps in various aspects, to increase sales and performance, reduce sales cycle duration, enhances sales representatives’ productivity through data efficiency. In fact, studies from research firm The Aberdeen Group concludes that businesses who adopt a sales force automation system saw their sales increase by a staggering 27% with a corresponding decreased sales cycle by 16% in over a quarter. Whether you are a small medium enterprise, or a multinational corporation with thousands of products, a sales force automation system is designed to eliminate many of the tedious back end work, freeing up a salesperson to do what he does best – sell. Below are some worthwhile benefits to interest you to implement a sales force automation system.

To Increase Your Sales Opportunities

All businesses operate in extremely competitive environments and having to avoid the pitfalls and seizing whatever opportunities that crop up. Thus, businesses have to be quick and nimble. A sales force automation system helps businesses to stay nimble. It organises and eliminates duplicated data inputs, allows for intuitive analysis and integrations of marketing materials, research reports etc. With such comprehensive bundle of useful tools, a sales person can make use of it to close more deals.

Increase Productivity

A Sales Force Automation System provides a holistic view of your sales accounts with respective contact points, contracts, company case studies and much more. These tedious tasks is now fully automated, to save costs and time. Your sales team can now focus on what they do best, to keep track of account progress and to close deals.

Sales Forecast

A Sales Force Automation System can effectively predict future sales and seasonal trends with its sophisticated prediction algorithm based on metrical inputs. The Sales Force Automation System intelligently takes past sales history, current market trends, number of orders etc to crunch and gauge potential future sales.

Minimises Error, Saves Time

As the name suggests, a Sales Force Automation System helps automate time consuming yet important data input and adds coherence to a sales organisation. For example, to schedule appointments, to send follow up emails, to track contacts etc. Sales force automation also allows a sales person to quickly draft a quotation, or a proposal based on rough estimates in real time during appointments. In addition to getting all these done quickly, you should also expect minimal error along the automated experience.

Mobile Applications

Businesses are now growing into seamless channels, where information is accessible through internet from different locations. If your sales team spends most of their time out in the field, then a mobile enabled sales force automation system is the way to go. Your sales people now have instant access to information and leads while being on the road, so they don’t have to get back to the office to sort out information. Being quick and accurate is the new winning recipe in the game.