Business organisation that uses dedicated equipment to accomplish their task either on piecemeal or projects basis are common practice. As business expand, purchasing higher quantity of equipment can insert additional constraint on the company’s ­financial position. This leads to the idea of sharing tools for different project usage instead of dedicating them to a specifi­c project to minimise expenditure.

The policy to classify equipment [asset] as an expenditure varies with the size of company or ­financial requirement. Auditing the assets also varies from company to company and it is mainly practice by companies with large quantity of movable assets. For some organisations such as hospital, event management or construction companies, the frequency of assets movement may be more volatile based on job, project or phase. Tracking the assets as they are bought, issued, transferred and returned is a growing problem to the ­finance and administration department.

ManageAsset is an asset tracking system designed to tag and track assets using barcodes and mobile computers. It gives an accurate and complete overview of organisation entire assets and enables them to make the right strategic decisions in resource allocation. Both old and new assets need to be tagged with proper unique barcode, which commonly printed on a barcode label or prefabricated metal tag to be mounted on the assets before it could be scanned by using a mobile computer. ManageAsset installed in a mobile computer will enable both movable and ­fixed assets to be tracked easily. It also allowed multiple Users in the audit team to perform physical asset audit simultaneously.

Web Module

Businesses can capatalise on this module and make sure that your current assets are maintained appropriately, through the asset’s track and control of its changes of possession.

Mobile Module

With barcodes and RFID, this is a pivotal module in driving down labor, time and footprint cost with accurate information acquired during the asset tracking processes.

Barcode or RFID Module

Along with the electronic labeling system with barcode and RFID. this module applies and individual barcode or RFID to each item.  Asset’s information is recorded to help streamline all processes to enable tracking from start to finish

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