The Right Card Printer For Your Organisation

An Identification (ID) Card is a card identifying data about an employee, such as full name, department, company’s name, and often containing a photograph: for use as identification in a company. ID Cards have become a necessity in every organisation as part of its security protocol. Each ID card can be customised according to the employee’s authorised access to particular departments. You can keep track of your employees’ whereabouts as it is recorded in the database each time they scan their ID card. With Zebra’s CardStudio™ software, it allows companies to design and print their own employee ID cards easily. The paperless revolution remains strong, but there are occasions where a hard copy is warranted such as a physical Identification Card. Identification cards today are far more versatile than the usual basic photo ID. ID cards can be used into arrays of applications like attendance records and reloadable credits within the company’s premise. Whether your business requires a low volume card printer, or full scale enterprise card printing applications, we would have the right printer for your needs. There is a large variety of ID card printers available in the market. One of the more renowned brands in the market is the Zebra Card Printer. Zebra card printers offer simple yet intuitive operations. You first have to establish what you need from the card printer, and make decisions from there. Commonly sought after ID Card objectives:
  • What are you printing the ID cards for?
  • What volume do you need to print per day?
  • Do you need to print on both sides?
  • Do you require edge-to-edge printing?
  • Do you need your ID cards to be security encrypted?
Once you have determined your objectives, you will have a clear guideline on what to choose. For more information about our ID Card Printer, please visit our e-catalog where you will find detailed specifications.