5 Tips To Choosing The Right Mobile Printer

Mobile Printing is the process of sending data to a printer wirelessly from another source. Mobile printers are primarily designed to improve productivity within your workforce. By giving users the flexibility to print receipts and label on mobile, business operations save steps and time along the shortened process. Therefore, a mobile printer adds value by shortening the printing process. Knowing the convenience mobile printer brings to an office or outdoor environment, it is crucial for you to know how to choose the right mobile printer, and here are 5 tips to choosing the right mobile printer for your office.

Understand Your Organisation Needs

Understanding your organisation needs means to understand your organisation work process, and user needs. If your employee needs to often print labels, invoices, receipts, purchasing orders etc. when they need them, a mobile printer allows for a more efficient and flexible printing output. Mobile printers are far more used today for its wireless integration with different handheld equipment.

Respect the Work Environment

The major difference between a mobile printer, and a desktop printer is where they are used. For a desktop printer, it has to be placed closely with workstations due to cables and wires. On the other hand, with mobile printers, they can be placed anywhere in the office or outdoor areas giving user the flexibility to print on demand.

Printer to Computer Compatibility

Mobile printing can only be efficient when they can make independent printings. Mobile printers must first be connected via several connections like Bluetooth or WiFi to allow wireless printing. Users must understand specifications before making a purchase, to make sure the mobile printer supports a wide versions of software applications, drivers, port interfaces etc. Printers you choose should also be a close match with your requirements in terms of size, form and functionality, whether it should be of high performance printing, ruggedness, drop resistance etc.

Security Standard

Although mobile printer provides convenience, enterprise security should not be a compromise. Mobile printers should be compliant with all modern security standard protocols like the 802.11i, WPA2, EAP-TLS, TTLS, LEAP, PEAP etc. Bluetooth connectivity is also another popular wireless connection option, and therefore security settings and profiles should be set the same for mobile printer as they are for other devices. With proper security integration, enterprises can minimize the risk of hacking, protocol breaches and confidential data leakages.

Operating Cost

The purchase of a mobile printer is only the initial cost. Performance issues that limits productivity could drive up your operating cost. Maintenance and repair cost in long term will also affect the operating cost over your mobile printer. Some mobile printers have higher price due to build quality and higher specifications than conventional printers, and these quality results in longer printer life cycle and better daily performance. It is extremely important to make proper research and comparison before jumping into purchasing decision. In conclusion, mobile printers come in different packages of build, specifications, forms and functionality. Choose one that fits your bill, and your corporate needs. Grand-flo Spritvest offers a complete range of different mobile printers. We have been developing and building printers for decades. For more information, please visit our e-catalog